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The story of our family dated back to 1842 when Grandpa - nono Piero Bernobich bought the land from his father-in-law for the amount of 113 fiorins and built on it our present house and founded his family. After him, followed the Grandpas Marco, Antonio-Nin, Eugenio-Šenio and our father Mario Poletti. Our agricultural estate has been created with a lot of sacrifice and renunciation, and now we are continuing what they started.


Our family is the most important to us. Everyone contributes as much as they can, in accordance to their age and free time. The work habits, as well as the love towards the heirdom, over the six generations, has been achieved throughout early childhood and it will last till the every end of our lives. Our main notion is to work in order to have a pleasant life, and not to live for work.

This is a story set in the same place for 6 generations… In 1842, Grampa Piero Bernobich gave 113 florins to his father-in-law Marco Dellamarna and bought a plot of land on which to build a house and start a family. The land and its fruits, wine and olives, became their only possession and turned into a passion. This love proved stronger than the uncertainty of life in those days.

Thankful for our heritage we are trying to keep the tradition and pave the way for the future generations.

Wine has been a part of us for generations with a century and a half of history settling in it. Our wine cellars produce a wine improved with tradition

Terra Rossa

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Obitelj Peter Poletti

Markovac 14,

52463 Višnjan, Hrvatska

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