From grapes to wine


The spacious vineyards of the Poletti winery, an Istrian tradition that has been around for over a century and a half, are currently being harvested with the Muscat rose variety, of which Rosella Poletti wine is made in the cellars of the Poletti family. Situated on the western coast of Istria, in the small place of Markovac, near Višnjan, the Poletti family, on a total of 7 ha of fertile Istrian land, relays the tradition of their ancestors tirelessly and with much love and passion, creating one of the best Istrian wine varieties. In the position of Rogovići, one of the traditional Istrian varieties Muškat Rose is grown, and the rows are planted with Teran as a pollinator. The fruit of this powerful combination is Rosella Poletti, a rose wine of extremely potable and sweet taste, which by its characteristics dry wine. Early maturation gives this wine, unlike other rose wines, an extremely high alcohol content, and the characteristic aromatic notes of rose, strawberry and raspberry give this wine wonderful tones for autumn enjoyment. Rosella Poletti pairs well with some fish and meat menu of raspberry and strawberry based. dessertsEmbark on wine roads of the aromatic and tasteful paths of true Istrian wine, and in expertly guided tastings prepared by the Poletti family in their rich cellars, taste all the enchantments of Istrian magic.