Harvest of Chardonnay and Its features


In the vineyards of the Poletti family, the Chardonnay, a premium white wine variety, whose intoxicating aromas spread through Istria at the beginning of the autumn days on the rich vineyards, is in progress. The Poletti family, whose history of growing and cultivating vines has been dating for over a century and a half, today already sixth generation continues the tradition of its ancestors on more than 7 ha of vineyards. Love and dedication have ensured the longevity and superior quality of Poletti wine. Experience, joint effort and work, and the implementation of modern technology in a rich tradition, are key features of this long-lived family economy. Vineyards are grown in the western part of the Istrian peninsula, where as well as fertile Terra Rosa soil has produced as many as six varieties of fine wine sorts, as well as olive groves, the Poletti family, besides Chardonnay, offers n its cellars the Istrian variety Malvasia, followed by Muscat Rose, Teran, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. The Chardonnay plantations are located on the position of the Rogovići vineyard. The early ripening, which is currently taking place is responsible for higher percentages of alcohol, and in addition, Chardonnay wine is characterized by its pleasant acidity and minerality. The fine notes of the tropical fruit of this dry white wine gives a special charm, drinkability and sweetness to this premium variety. Chardonnay pairs perfectly with white meat dishes or grilled fish.