Olive harvesting in the Poletti family


Istria is known for its olive oil, which has been one of the most beloved attributes of this region since ancient times. These first autumn months present a challenge for the olive growers as they are under harvest. After all the final preparations, it is time to harvest all the fruits that will make top-quality oil. Harvesting is ongoing in the Poletti family as well. Their plantations are in the position of Brajda and Stara Brajda, and there are about two hundred trees of the varieties Leccino, Pendolino, Buža and Bilica. Each variety has its own attributes that emphasize the specifics nuances of the aromas. Immediately after harvesting, processing is carried out precisely to keep the oil’s best characteristics. Extra virgin olive oil is produced after the first pressing of healthy olive fruits crushed into pure olive oil and, of course, it must satisfy various chemical parameters. Every step of the way must be carefully done, in order to ultimately obtain top-quality olive oil that will gladly make the perfect addition and stand in any gastronomic delicacy. Olive harvesting in the Poletti family will slowly start to produce its desired results – by the process of kneading and pressing the healthy olive fruits, it will get the perfect nuance of extra virgin olive oil present in Istria since ancient times and appreciated today.