Enjoying in the first days of young wine


After the end of September, as well as the first days of October, one can finally enjoy the benefits of the young wine. After exhausting days of harvesting, the young wine is here and now is the right time to enjoy its first drops. The Poletti family is certainly enjoying theirs. The young wine is the first stage in the process of wine maturation, and it is formed after the fermentation process is completed. Then the young wine must be removed from the lees so that it does not affect its taste and color. The first flow follows. There are numerous ways and methods that interfere with the life of young wine so that it ultimately represents the amazing wine nuances of balanced taste, exceptional color, and seductive aroma.The Poletti family is currently enjoying the first flavors of young wine that is slowly but surely maturing. In the coming weeks, the wine will be officially baptized on St. Martin’s Day. Saint Martin is considered the patron of winemakers and vineyards. Until then, the family will follow the maturation of young wine while they’re waiting for those incredible finishing nuances.