Autumn gastronomic recipes and collection of red wines Poletti


Monitoring, as well as caring for the young wine, mark the first autumn months. In order that those months aren’t based only on work, family Poletti enjoys in the mature wine. Despite the cold November, these days present the ideal time for tasting and enjoying red wines.Istrian autumn comes with olives and production of the young olive oil, as well as with tasteful truffles and other forest fruits which are the basic ingredients for the preparation of the autumnal gastronomic specialties. In order to truly enjoy gastronomy, the collection of the red wines Poletti is an ideal match with the traditional cuisine. The Teran Poletti offers great nuances for tasting the Istrian prosciutto, ombol, and sausages. Cabernet Sauvignon and Teran is also recommended for the white truffle’s recipes. When it comes to the meat specialties, the best wine is Merlot Poletti, while the chestnut desserts are perfect for the nuances of the Rossella.Delicious drops of Poletti red wines are ideal for serving with traditional Istrian autumn specialties.