The soil as the foundation of a superior vine


There are numerous factors that affect the result of vineyard yields. Besides the winegrower’s care and attention, as well as the favorable climate, the yield is also affected by the land where the vineyard is situated. The Poletti vineyards are planted in Markovac, near the town Višnjan, as well as in several surrounding villages. The planting soil needs to be rich in nutrients and minerals which positively affects the growth of each vine. The red soil, which inhabits Istria, as well as the lands of Markovac and its surrounding hills, is rich in nutrients and natural benefits that have a great effect on the cultivation of vineyards. Today, the Poletti family owns 7 ha of vineyards and produces 6 varieties of wine. Those wines aren’t only the result of tradition, technology, and oenological knowledge, but favorable conditions of the Istrian land and climate.