The perfect combination of wine and pleasant company


The appearance of the first leaves on vine on the Poletti family estate reveals a beautiful picture of a green vineyard that will result in an excellent harvest. This farm, which covers an area of 7 hectares, has been inherited through six generations that work together to produce indigenous and premium wines that guarantee enjoyment with their quality. Everyone in the family contributes as much as they can according to their age and free time to produce as many as 6 varieties of wine; Istrian Malvasia, Chardonnay, Teran, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Muscat Rose. Each of these wines is the result of true love of oenology, tradition and the most modern technology, which ranks Polleti wines among the best Istrian wines that many guests taste in the cellar of the Poletti estate. The fresh Malvasia 2020. and Chardonnay 2020. is already bottled in the basement alongside the irresistible Rossella, which is rich in delicate fruity tones you can taste in beautiful Casa Manzolin. Poletti wines are ready for tasting accompanied by cheerful company and enjoyment of enticing Istrian wines.