Unique and gentle Rossella


Wine has always been an essential part and tradition of the Poletti family, who produce top quality wines of various varieties that delight every wine lover through their hard work and love.

Rossella, a fascinating wine with a bright red color and distinct characteristics, is also produced by the family estate. It is an autochthonous Istrian dry wine that first delights with its aroma, which is a combination of rose, strawberry, and raspberry, and then with its aroma and a wide range of flavors typical of Muscat wine. Despite having a slightly higher alcohol content, this endemic wine retains its freshness and drinkability, making it ideal for hot summer days.

When combined with the right gastronomic specialties such as shrimp, salmon, tuna steak, but also various desserts, Rossella demonstrates its true taste and aroma power that leaves no one indifferent.