From grapes to wine


Vineyards on the Poletti family estate have been preserved and cultivated with great love and passion, and will be transformed into a premium wine of incredible taste and aroma. At first glance, growing and producing wine appears to be a simple process, but behind every raisin is a lot of effort, work, and time invested to make the final products that we all love so much better and of higher quality. With the arrival of autumn and the month of September, all of the grapes were harvested by family members and prepared for fermentation. Alcoholic fermentation, or fermentation of must as it is commonly known, is the stage in wine production that has the greatest impact on the final product’s quality and, as such, should be completely under the control of professional winemakers. Every detail in the fermentation process is now monitored in Poletti cellars to give the wine the best possible aroma, not only by winery standards but also by the wine taster who will partake in eno-gastronomic pleasure upon arrival at the estate or restaurant Casa Manzolin where Poletti wines are served. Wineries work all year, but this time of year is a highlight for them, and the result is high quality Poletti wines that will satisfy the taste buds and replenish the soul of any wine lover.